About Olas Equity Strategists

Olas Equity Strategists was started three years ago at a time when the diversity, equity, and inclusion field was being inundated with training, books, workshops, and podcasts.  There were limited opportunities to operationalize equity. 

Olas closes this gap to support leaders and organizations to operationalize equity and take action.  

As a boutique consulting firm, we are intentionally small to ensure a deep understanding of client needs, the communities we serve, and the customization of our services. We are privately owned on purpose wanting to ensure that our diverse team is adequately compensated in recognition of their extensive knowledge and deep experience in the respective fields we support. We serve a national audience from the San Francisco Bay Area to New York. Our offices are remote to allow greater flexibility to serve our client base. In person services are available upon request. 

I envision a future where all communities are liberated from oppression.

– Lisa Jiménez

About Olas Equity Strategists Team

Our team represents a wide variety of fields with multiple decades of lived and professional experience leading equity centered initiatives. We use this experience to deeply understand our clients building collective capacity to achieve equity-centered transformation through ongoing inquiry, practice, and action while fostering individual, team, and organizational effectiveness. 

Our work spans a wide range of sectors from the streets to the Boardroom including corporate, non-profit, government, and education entities across North America. We partner with you to intentionally imagine, design, and build systems and structures that center belonging and justice to advance organizational outcomes.

Team Members

Lisa Jimenez founder of Olas Equity Strategists.

Lisa Jiménez

Dariana Castro

Facilitator and Executive Coach

Facilitator and Writer

Facilitator and Restorative Practices Consultant

Our Approach

At Olas Equity Strategists we focus on culture in a way that is grounded in action and intention. Our work with individuals honors and considers their lived cultural experiences. Guiding organizations, we contribute to creating cultures of belonging and liberation for all. Cultures of belonging inhabit stories, symbols, and how we see ourselves and each other. Belonging also has to be alive in the systems, policies, and practices that make up the substance of the culture*. We believe society can be transformed through dialogue, community building, liberatory design, transformational equity-centered leadership and organizational development when these practices are institutionalized across organizations.

*Adapted from Evan Bissell Notes on a Cultural Strategy for Belonging 2019

Let’s build cultures of belonging together!!

Diversity, Equity, Belonging, Justice


Organizations encompass the full scope of humanity including race, ethnicity, gender, sexuality, and religion.


Culture is honored, and people are given what they need to thrive, irrespective of background.


Employees and customers can see themselves in the work and that our spaces, structures, practices and policies reflect their lived culture. We honor and lift up culture and share power across our organizations.    


Systems and structures exist to reinforce and replicate equitable ideas, power, resources, strategies, conditions, habits and outcomes.

If you know more is possible, but you're not sure how to get there

Work with Olas Equity Strategists to realize your professional and organization vision.  

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