Executive Coaching Services

You’re a smart and experienced professional but you’re still not getting the results you strive for. Wouldn’t it be great to have support to work through and develop your leadership capacity?

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How We Help

You are an expert in your field, but navigating the landscape in which you are leading can be a challenge. What could it be like to have someone walking alongside you as you find your way?

As an “only” in your organization or team, it can feel uncomfortable and isolating. What would it feel like to have meaningful support as you grow as a leader?

Olas Equity Strategists are catalysts for individual, team, and organizational growth through transformational coaching, strategic advising, and organizational development. We believe our clients can accelerate their impact and accomplish their goals when the untapped potential we see inside of them is activated into the world. 

Through our coaching services we seek to increase our clients’ ability to:

  • Operationalize equity
  • Leverage team capacity 
  • Accelerate leadership development 
  • Strengthen self-awareness

While we serve clients to broadly and holistically develop leadership capacity, one of our specialities is developing our clients’ ability to understand and take action in the area of Diversity, Equity, Justice, and Belonging.  Our staff has both lived experience and professional experience in this area and is passionate about the transformation that can occur with this work.  We focus on supporting clients as they navigate the intersection points between their identity and their leadership journey and while they learn to engage in equity work.

What We Offer

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Executive Coaching

Executive leaders wanting to increase their capacity and accelerate their leadership growth through expanded self-awareness and research based strategies in sessions designed to challenge participants.

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Group Coaching

Participants in a range of workplace roles learn and grow together while applying key leadership concepts such as managing change, increasing resilience, leading teams, and giving feedback. Our sessions explore a common set of leadership topics, themes, and/or growth areas.

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Team Coaching

New and existing teams interested in identifying and enhancing group strengths, dynamics, and increasing outcomes maximize team functionality. Understanding themselves and each other better, team members can accomplish more by working more effectively together.

What's Included?

Our coaching packages are customized in content, size, and duration to fit our client’s needs. Here is a sample of our offerings that can be tailored to individual, group, and team executive coaching:

Assessment Based

We support clients using an assessment such as Strengths Finder, Intercultural Development Inventory, and Leadership Circle 360 to guide their leadership growth and development.

Our sessions focus on what clients need and the data garnered from these assessments.

Integrated Coaching

We support clients by integrating our coaching services into your existing leadership development training, taking research and ideation to real life implementation.

Our sessions are focused on supporting leaders to make sense of and practice what they are learning in a safe space so they can apply it to their workplace.

Diversity, Equity, Belonging, and Justice

We support clients to navigate their identity while leading and also how to operationalize DEJB across their team and organization.

Our sessions focus on understanding and taking action in the area of Diversity, Equity, Justice, and Belonging.

Situational Coaching

We support clients to work through a short-term critical issue or developmental need. Our sessions are focused on one strategic area and a short-term goal.

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