This is a compilation of resources that Olas Equity Strategists often recommends to our clients and community. Please browse through the list.

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Want to Get Great at Something? Get a Coach – TedTalk by Atul Gawande

Everyone Needs a Coach: TedTalk by Bill Gates and Eric Schmidt

Appreciative Inquiry – TedTalk by David Cooperrider

Other Resources

A Brief User’s Guide to Open Space Technology, by Harrison Owen

Open Space Technology requires very few advance elements. There must be a clear and compelling theme, an interested and committed group, time and a place, and a leader. Detailed advance agendas, plans, and materials are not only un-needed, they are usually counterproductive. This brief User’s Guide has proven effective in getting most new leaders and groups off and running. While there are many additional things that can be learned about operating in Open Space, this will get you started. Some material has been included here which also appears in the book in order to present a relatively complete picture.

THE THEME — Creation of a powerful theme statement is critical, for it will be the central mechanism for focusing discussion and inspiring participation. The theme statement, however, cannot be a lengthy, dry, recitation of goals and objectives. It must have the capacity to inspire participation by being specific enough to indicate the direction, while possessing sufficient openness to allow for the imagination of the group to take over.

There is no pat formulation for doing this, for what inspires one group will totally turn off another. One way of thinking about the theme statement is as the opening paragraph of a truly exciting story. The reader should have enough detail to know where the tale is headed and what some of the possible adventures are likely to be. But “telling all” in the beginning will make it quite unlikely that the reader will proceed. After all, who would read a story they already know?

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