Promote deep engagement and lasting change!

Our transformational services are highly customized and include tailored engagements and tools to maximize action and impact!

executive coaching meeting with client in bright open office

Executive Coaching Services

Our coaching services support individuals and teams to transform into their full leadership potential. Our thought-provoking and creative process inspires our clients to maximize leadership skills and operationalize equity.

Interactive Engagements

We help you bridge the gap from training to action. Our customized, research-based engagements include workshops, facilitation, dialogue circles, and speaking. We center dialogue and relationship building to transform your learning environment, using the tools and resources needed to operationalize equity.

diverse team in open meeting space sitting on chairs in dialogue circle
diverse group of students with teacher in school hallway

Education Management

We grow your capacity to serve students. We move educational leaders beyond training toward implementation of social justice ideologies, values, and practices, so you can achieve leadership goals and operational equity throughout your community.


What Clients Are Saying

"I have found Lisa to be extremely thoughtful, self-reflective and intentional in her work. She also has the capacity to note where change is called for, and to make those changes transparently. This is not easy work, but Lisa does it with grace and generosity."
Layli Shirani
Senior Civil Rights Attorney at CAIR-CA
"There were a lot of ah-ha moments in this session. Figuring out a happy medium when it comes to work and how I carry myself are very important to move onto the next level in my career."
Coaching Client

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