"Lisa is a powerful and insightful coach, she has strong experience in learning and development and deep expertise in diversity, inclusion and belonging. Put all that together and she’s a powerhouse! She would be an asset for anyone she works with - I strongly recommend Lisa!"
"I have found Lisa to be extremely thoughtful, self-reflective and intentional in her work. She also has the capacity to note where change is called for, and to make those changes transparently. This is not easy work, but Lisa does it with grace and generosity."
"Lisa brings a unique perspective having worked in education, within communities, non-profits, and corporations. She fundamentally understands how to tackle difficult challenges while engaging and uniting, making difficult work manageable. She is the consultant and advocate everyone should have the opportunity to partner with.”
Chuwanda Thigpen
Vice President, Chief Talent and Diversity Officer at Lumentum
"She is a reflective practitioner, diligent learner, and graceful leader that brings a humanizing approach to both the technical and relational aspects of equity work. She brings urgency and a wealth of skill at challenging systemic status quo and ways that oppression plays out in systems. I highly recommend Lisa for systems that seek courageous, inspiring, and graceful leadership."
“Lisa has brought such incredible value to the Task Force, not the least of which have been the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Learning Labs that she also co-leads. These labs have been incredible opportunities to raise the liberatory consciousness of ourselves. These have been very powerful experiences and have really pushed our communication skills to new levels to operationalize equity as well as our self-awareness of potential triggers (ours and others).”
David Lown
California Health Care Safety Net Institute
"As the superintendent, Lisa's partnership has been crucial in advancing my work in racial equity. She is highly organized, collaborative and very reflective. Our time together is efficient, effective and valuable. Having Lisa collaborate with me and the District on our racial equity work has been a game changer."
"Lisa can work at all levels of the organization and is skilled at moving organizations to greater equity. She is a skilled relationship builder who is able to weave grassroots organizational change into complex systems and organizational development. Lisa is a social justice leader and works tirelessly to amplify community voice in all aspects of her work. I highly recommend her!"
"Lisa has been supporting our development of an Executive Coaching program, as part of our long-term partnerships for racial justice. With her thought-partnership and guidance, we created a framework for our coaching program that aligns with our overarching goals. She has connected us with resources to enhance our coaching framework and program, and provided insights and feedback on the development of internal materials. We are grateful for Lisa's expertise, and look forward to our continued work together!"
Olga Pagan
Director of Programs and Research at the Center for Racial Justice
"One of the things I most value about working with Lisa is her ability to infuse equity leadership and coaching into every aspect of her work. She designs adult learning and development experiences that build relationships across difference and increase the capacity of both individuals and teams. Each of the leaders with whom Lisa has worked has also grown their own leadership skill sets, most especially their ability to lead for equity and to move their teams further and faster toward their social justice agenda."
Alysse Castro
Alameda County Superintendent of Schools
"The executive coaching sessions and organizational development with Lisa had an incredible impact on me as a leader. Lisa was able to guide me through the most challenging transition at a nonprofit serving the mission as we are coming out of the pandemic. She centered justice and belonging in our work and supported me to navigate my personal identity throughout this time. Her transformational coaching methods helped me strategize my thinking on leading and managing through the values that I can contribute, and to see through the values each member of the organization brings together. She guided me through the thinking to identify problems and strategize equity centered solutions. She was always prepared. She was able to point out blind spots that I missed that are critical in executing the leadership work that needs to get done. My growth as a leader was tremendous with Lisa's executive coaching. Her guidance on organizational development made a significant impact on bringing our staff together over the last year. Lisa was able to design workshops based on the needs assessment to create a sense of belonging to the staff while we are still remotely working together to serve the mission. The journey was challenging, but I couldn't imagine doing this work without Lisa's professional experience and her commitment to helping us infuse diversity, equity, and inclusion in the work place. Her work is much needed and appreciated by the organization."
Julie Ma
Director of Strategy at KAFSC

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